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N.S. “Sandy” Nettles laughed when he heard about Mosaic’s reluctance to use the “s-word.” “That’s just ridiculous,” said Nettles, who used to work in the phosphate industry. “I don’t know who came up with the idea that if you don’t call it a sinkhole,amassdenver.com, it’s not a sinkhole. Things are still going down into the aquifer.” A torn liner,jordans for cheap, he added, “means it was probably leaking for a very long time.” Another reason Mosaic should have known it was a sinkhole, they said,cheap air jordan shoes, was history. One of Florida’s most notorious sinkholes opened in 1994 at the same Mulberry phosphate facility where the Aug. 28 sinkhole opened. That sinkhole — 160 feet wide and plunging 200 feet — also sucked the pond from a gyp stack into the aquifer. It opened 1¼ miles from the new sinkhole. • • • State inspectors arrived at the plant within 24 hours of Mosaic’s call. In an Aug. 29 report, they said they told Mosaic to build a well to pump the pollution out. It didn’t start pumping until Sept. 10. The word “sinkhole” did not appear in that DEP report. It was a “water loss incident.” Mosaic workers began trying to pump water from the pond to another spot, but their pumps couldn’t keep up with how fast it was pouring into the aquifer. A Sept. 3 report to Mosaic and DEP by Mosaic consultant Ardaman & Associates also avoided using “sinkhole,” instead saying the pond’s disappearance “may have been caused by an anomaly likely connected to the Floridan aquifer system.” By Sept. 6, the pond completely disappeared. Mosaic officials said they’d spotted “a fissure.” “Mosaic generally began referring to this as a sinkhole on Sept. 6 when we could see the hole,” said Mosaic spokeswoman Jackie Barron. Yet a Sept. 7 Mosaic letter still called it the “water loss incident.” Mosaic finally used the word “sinkhole”
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форум kia ceed > Всячина > Рюмочная > Справочная (Модераторы: Koteich, Мадама)


cheap jordans As amassdenver.com f


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