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Turbo or compressor on Kia Pro Ceed 1.4 LX

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Автор Тема: Turbo or compressor on Kia Pro Ceed 1.4 LX  (Прочитано 114941 раз)
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Hello I have seen many videos of Kia Pro Ceed Turbo on 1.6 engine.Did someone put turbo/compressor on Kia Pro Ceed 1.4 gasoline engine? If yes could someone provide details what exactly has put and what modifications should be done? Thanks in advance! rulezz
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It is expected to be no lot of difference in setting up turbo kit to 1.4 engine- it's the same Gamma KIA engine as 1.6- just with reduced volume.
You can take a look at following topic: http://ceedclub.ru/forums/index.php/topic,3496.0.html- unfortunately it's in Russian only. Some guys in Ukraine really set turbo kit to Ceed, seems like nobody from our club did it in Russia.
I recommend to contact trusted tuning guys in your home country if you have no appropriate experience.
Except kit, it will be needed to change cooling, lubricating, exhaust systems, driving gears and clutch (because of the torque essential increasing)- if above left with no attention, turbo will finish your car (or yours ;)) very soon.
Price of good solution could be up to 8k$, atmospheric engines aren't so good object for tuning- it's much better (and cheaper) to sell Ceed and buy Golf or Ibiza with TSI.
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« Ответ #2 : Март 07, 2011, 12:48:13 pm »

Dear Aris :D

Like always you don't like to ask me first :P
Here is your peopl's for that what you ask  :P
But that what you like to do,is very  expensive.
watch video on the site B)
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Turbo or compressor on Kia Pro Ceed 1.4 LX


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